Our Team

Vince Bunn
Vince Bunn is the CEO of Healthy Coffee Australasia. He has been in business ever since he can remember. Even as a child his entrepreneurial skills were obvious as he would work out ways to fund his business ideas. These early skills made sure he and his friend had all the best toys and lunches at school.

He also did Judo as a young boy, which has given him a solid foundation of discipline and a strong respect for others. And these qualities are evident in his firm and friendly leadership style. Vince loves the challenge of being told something is impossible... "There has to be a way! If the result is worth chasing then there is a way to get there, you just got to find it."

He lives by a win/win philosophy, which ensures a fair outcome for everyone he deals with. His level headed leadership and solid work ethic builds a great culture within the Healthy Coffee environment.

Vince was born in the UK and has been a global traveller for most of his life. In 1997 he chose Australia to be his new home and has never looked back. "Australia really is a land of opportunity, but unfortunately too many people are sceptical and think if it sounds too good to be true, then it is. I must be wired a different way, because all I see is a fantastic opportunity... and I have not been disappointed!"

It is this positive, ambitious and "go getter" attitude which makes Vince the best person to be the CEO of Healthy Coffee Australasia.

Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown has always had a great interest in money. Growing up in a family with six made him aware of the important balance of having enough money to support the family with having quality family time together.

It is no surprise Matthew pursued a career in the finance industry where he gained qualifications as an Accountant and a Mortgage Broker. In fact, within 6 months of being qualified, he was the top Mortgage Broker in the company he was working at. These skills and experience make him well equipped for his role as the Chief Financial Officer of Healthy Coffee Australasia.

Matthew is passionate about teaching, business and investing mone... and of course family. He lives by the philosophy of "Every person is different" and endeavours to customise a strategy to match their individual needs.. not squash them into a "one size fits all" solution.

He enjoys spending quality time with his family..."everything I do in business is so I can create time, stability and the wealth I need to provide for the future of my family. There is more to life than just worrying about mortgage payments and finances. You need to have the financial freedom to relax and enjoy life while you can."

Matthew and his financial expertise are an asset to the dynamic and committed team at Healthy Coffee Australasia.

Mike Wootton
Mike Wootton is Healthy Coffee's country manager for New Zealand. He originally grew up in Motueka but moved away so he could experience more of life.

Mike's brother in-law had invested in Healthy Coffee Australia and when they were looking to expand into New Zealand... he could easily see the opportunity and signed up straight away.

With a long history of organising large sporting events around the world and working for one of New Zealand's largest insurance and wealth management companies... Mike brings a great depth of experience to his role at Healthy Coffee.

Known for his dedication, high quality of work and his quick problem solving abilities, Mike has been decorated for his tireless work with numerous awards including the New Zealand Service Medal.

Mike loves to spend time with his family. In his spare time, you'll find him at the beach, relaxing and unwinding. "I love to escape the cities and get lost amongst the sand and the water. I am passionate about the environment and making sure future generations have a chance to enjoy the things I have."

He lives by the solid and inspiring philosophy of "Following your own inner compass and dance to your own beat!" This is exactly what he does... and precisely why he is as successful as he is!

Gill Somers
Gill Somers was born and raised in Hereford, UK, but moved to Australia after visiting here on a holiday and realising how depressing things were back home. He stumbled on to the Healthy Coffee business quite by accident. He saw an ad on Facebook and replied to it. Within a short amount of time and through a lot of hard work... he is now the NSW State Manager for Healthy Coffee Australia.

Gill is well known for his honesty, team building skills and his ability to resolve issues quickly without any drama or fuss. Because he knows what is important... Living life to the fullest!

He enjoys boats, cars, bikes and music (especially being a DJ)... and of course spending quality time with his beautiful wife. His love of dogs is the driving force towards his largest life goal. "I want to open a dog rescue facility to try to reduce the number of dogs who are destroyed each year. I know how much joy my own dog brought to my life, and I believe they all deserve the chance to find a loving home, like mine did!"

His positive life philosophy and infectious enthusiasm, make him a great role model to those around him. Gill is easily able to bring out the best in people which is why he is such a great asset to have in the Healthy Coffee Australasia team.

Nicole Hill
Nicole Hill is living proof you can have it all. She has a high powered, well-respected position as a Health and Safety Officer in the mining sector... and is the Queensland State Manager of Healthy Coffee, Australia. Her sensible approach to life ensures she doesn't miss a thing!

She came across the Healthy Coffee business opportunity by going to a meeting to support a friend. She instantly saw the possibility of having a reliable secondary source of income to further support herself and her son. A natural problem solver and event organiser, Nicole is often called upon for her ability to stay positive and level headed, even in the most challenging situations.

She enjoys spending time with friends and family and talking... lots of talking! In her limited spare time, you can find her at the beach or travelling to new places "I love to experience this amazing country we live in. I have had some friends who are no longer with us after losing their battle with cancer. Every day, I think of them and live my life to the fullest and experience all that I can... it is the best way to honour them!"

It is a simple philosophy, which infuses into every part of her life. Nicole is a shining example of what is possible when you put your mind to it. If a time stretched, single mother of a 10 year old can achieve this level of success... then anyone can! No excuses!

Chris Asanopoulos
Chris Asanopoulos is the South Australian State Manager for Healthy Coffee. His vast experience in the business world allows him to be a great leader for his team.

With a keen interest in business since he was a young boy, Chris shares the benefits of his knowledge and experience freely with those around him. He believes there is no better felling than working with a great team who shares the same vision to build a successful future.

His leadership style inspires others and brings out the best in them. Because when they are confident and competent... the whole team is more successful.

Chris lives by the personal philosophy of "never give up" which he infuses into everything he does. He is known for his creativity and skill for seeing beyond the problem and achieving a win/win solution. In his spare time, you will find him enjoying anything that involves motor sports, adrenalin and going fast!

Chris has assisted in organizing and co-ordinating the biggest Greek festival in South Australia. He loves to give back to his local community. His "can do, never give up" attitude make him perfect for his position as Healthy Coffee's State Manager of South Australia.